I have found an idea… a principle I consider ethereal and worth dying for. I will carve my legacy from its bowels and inscribe with ink indelible on the timeless scrolls the heavenly words: here lies one who really believed!

I choose to believe!

I believe in the Lordship of Jesus Christ! The First of His Name…first born from the dead, first in the Order of the New Creation…The King of Kings and Lord of Lords, the effulgence of the Father’s Glory, Light of the World, King of Heaven. Saviour of the world of Adam and all its fallen reaches. Conqueror of death and darkness….the very Life and Resurrection. Creator of the Universe – seen and unseen. Author and Mediator of the new covenant…Groom to the Church…Lover of my soul.

I believe in the authority vested in His Name. I know His Name is mightier than all.

I believe in the insurmountable reach of His Grace. I stand convinced in this light – His Grace is stronger! Stronger than death…stronger than sin…stronger than fear. I believe there is no man who can truly find such Grace and resist its allure…I have seen and tasted His Grace, and yes it is Stronger!

I believe in Agape! That unconquerable love which has become the sea in which I am drowned. Limitless. inexhaustible. enduring all….winning all! I believe I am found in such a love…locked in oneness with the very heart of God in Christ! O how He loves me!

I believe in the tutelage of the Holy Ghost! I yield myself to the Wisdom and Ability of God in Him. I am postured aright by His counsel. I know what to do…how to do…when to do the King’s bidding because of His Voice alive in me. I do believe!

On these foundations of Reality, I stand! O boy! What a view of this life from this our position in Christ!



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