…Our Hope

For the hope which is laid up for you in heaven, whereof you heard before in the word of the truth of the gospel
[Colossians 1:5]

What is the hope laid up for us in heaven? I Timothy 1:1; I Peter 1:2-4 Timothy says “…Jesus Christ…who is our hope…” Peter says “…a living hope, reserved in the heavens….ready to be revealed…” Jesus Christ revealed- intruding into this physical realm as conquering King, and calling up to himself His Body – is the hope of the church.

This vision of the kingdom advent is one that has been nurtured and cherished from the very beginning of the Church.
It is the DayStar to which our gaze today must be perpetually lifted unto.
It is the unanimous angelic chorus to which all the Heavens sigh unto.
This Hope of the Kings second advent is the note to which all the greatest commandments of the Kingdom is tuned to – for when he gave us the great commission, he said – for I am with you until the end of the ages….to which He admonishes us “Occupy till I come”.

For when He draws us up to holy living in this corrupt cosmos, He says that… whoever has this hope in himself purifies himself even as He is pure….that we may be established blameless in His sight at His appearing; for when He desires us to pay attention to the ministry of the Holy Spirit and be built up fully in the Oracles of God…he says that we should be perfect, lacking nothing at His appearing. Selah
This is our hope. Maranatha…even come Lord Jesus come.


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