… Praying Always for You

 We give thanks to God and the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, praying always for you…[Colossians 1:3]

Colossians 1: 3 gives us a glimpse into the content of the Apostle’s prayer. “…praying always for you…” Glory to God!  This is the responsibility thrust upon the brow of the elder, pastor or evangelist….yea upon the brow of the child of God who is active in the verdant fields of evangelism and discipleship. It is a solemn responsibility placed upon the shoulders of the husband and wife; the father and mother of the Christ centered home. Selah.

As we touch and lift men in Adam into the fold of God’s elect, it becomes our responsibility to “always bear them up in prayer”. I have seen too many brethren reduce prayer to vicious attacks on demons perceived. It ought not be so. Prayer must remain what it is….the child of God speaking to His Father and the Father speaking back to the child of God….on a myriad of subjects! Prayer must remain so….so that when we pray we know the mind of God….and that Word is attended with the power of the Holy Spirit!  There are many brethren to whom we can minister; to whom we can serve the delicacies of the verities of the kingdom of Light. Let us serve such. Let us lift them up in prayer. Let us truly pray for one another. Selah.



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