Saints and Faithful!

To the saints and faithful brethren in Christ which are at Colosse…[Colossians 1:2]

This truth is constantly sounded in many of the epistles of the Holy Spirit. Let us feast on what light they communicate:

  1. This is how the Righteousness of God addresses us. He calls us saints. Here and now-saints we are. I Peter 2:9 declares the same truth when he says ” BUT you ARE… a HOLY NATION…” Dearly Beloved, do note the conjunction BUT! You can acknowledge all your frailties and infirmities and propensities to “fall below the mark” and seem to doubt whether you truly are saint and Holy…vacillate all you can BUT know this YOU ARE HOLY unto the Lord. Remember this is primarily so because you are called and separated unto His purposes. Therefore it behooves you to walk worthy of this high calling. Selah
  1. Once I reckoned that there are many in the fold of the church who call Jesus Lord but are not numbered as the faithful. It ought not to be so. We must be faithful to the high calling…we must see its worth and choose to live up to its fullness. We must be faithful to the tutelage of the Holy Spirit; that means submitting to His instruction everyday. We must be faithful to the command our Lord gave His church…when He said ” …preach the Gospel…love one another like I love you…”

Are you numbered among the faithful?



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