The Helper’s Ministry

It is the ministry of the Holy Spirit to communicate Christ to us. The Lord Jesus in all the beauty of His Majesty, in all the splendour of His Glory, in all the pathos of His presence. To communicate to us the risen Lord as He is seated today on the throne of God holding all things by the Word of His power. This is that which the fellowship with the Holy Spirit communicates to our hearts.  He causes us to come alive to these higher realities of the son of God. He causes us to see the heavenly glorious vision of the “Holy One” and to hear “His Voice” and to be ” witnesses” of His reality:….to prove to men in our words and actions that this Jesus is alive! He is Lord and Christ!

Such are the visions and words the Holy Spirit communicates. And Ooh! Such force of compelling power.

Beloved, awaken to the teaching ministry of the Holy Ghost! May His Voice be heard in your fellowships with Him in the Word. May you catch His fiery visions of our Lord as you meditate on kingdom realities….may you be saturated with the consciousness of “Him” in you! The full load of Deity in you! Now you are the temple of God!  Now in Christ,  “death is abolished and life(zoè) and immortality has come! Now you stand in His Grace… In the power of the resurrection…now you see Jesus and you bow in worship and respond with words full of awe: ” My Lord! My God!” Jesus! my Lord and my God! Jesus! Our Liege! He alone is worthy! Selah

2 thoughts on “The Helper’s Ministry

    1. May His presence be real in your life.
      May the Helper help you connect to all the glory of the riches of His Grace.
      You are Lifted!


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